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Wilhelmsburg is Hamburg's largest district. Due to bad prejudices and the segregated location, there are many residents in Hamburg who avoid Wilhelmsburg or do not notice it. This branding highlights the diversity of Wilhelmsburg and brings people closer to the district.

Wilhelmsburg modular type logo outline

Wilhelmsburg is characterised by its human and urban diversity. No other district in Hamburg is as colourful and versatile as Wilhelmsburg. Whether you want to experience concerts at the festival, go fishing on the Elbe, hike through the nature reserve or explore new food cultures. Wilhelmsburg offers everything and much more!

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People with different backgrounds, experiences and histories, as well as nature, industry and the city come together here. This results in the unique colourful and lively cityscape of Wilhelmsburg.

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Wilhelmsburg dockville
Wilhelmsburg boot honigfabrik
Wilhelmsburg hamburger skyline

Through an ever-changing, colourful and modular pattern, made up of various overlapping elements, the interplay of individual different parts of Wilhelmsburg is visually represented.

A modular typography was designed, which always looks unique and is assembled by different individual elements. It reflects the diversity of the district and shows how individual parts of Wilhelmsburg come together to form a whole. To build up the individual letters with random elements, a script was programmed that processes the input text and converts it into a visual output.

Mein wilhelmsburg arabisch poster an bushaltestelle

To also highlight the cultural diversity of Wilhelmsburg, the modular typography is also implemented with other alphabets. Part of the branding refers to the names used by the residents of the district. Most call Wilhelmsburg "Willy", which in other alphabets, commonly used in the district, is written Уили (Bulgarian), 威利 (Mandarin), ويلي (Arabic) or Вилли (Russian).

Mein wilhelmsburg arabisch poster an bushaltestelle
Mein wilhelmsburg arabisch poster an bushaltestelle
Mein wilhelmsburg fahnen bei IBA gebeaude

In addition to posters advertising various events promoted by the district, the new identity is used to communicate the diversity of Wilhelmsburg to the outside world.Sights and possible excursions, for example, are advertised to underline how diverse and fun the district can be.

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Wilhelmsburg honigfabrik plakat
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To give everyone the opportunity to express their involvement with the new identity, a personal word can be entered, generated and then downloaded or shared. This allows residents and shop owners to easily design their own posts, signs or merchandise using the new brand identity.

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