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Bofferding is the main brand from the Brasserie Nationale, the largest brewery in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Brewed since 1764, it’s the most popular beer in the country. This project is a personal concept that is in no way related to the company.

Luxembourgish beer brand logo redesign

In this project, my main goal was to create a logo that’s responsive and usable in many different formats. I took key elements of the existing logo and reduced them to achieve a more modern and scalable logo.

Font & colors


Original logo & concept

The original Bofferding logo consists of the logotype, an emblem, and two lions, which represent the coat of arms of Luxembourg. Inside of the emblem, the initial of the brand name is shown four times. Above it says “Depuis 1764”, which stands for the founding year of their first brewery.
Since the original logo isn’t really responsive, I created a reduced version of it. To make the initial inside the emblem more readable, I decided to only display it once. For the two lions, which are very detailed in the original, I designed a simpler version with single lines and hard edges. This style can also be found in the logotype, which creates a visual connection between both. I didn’t include the founding year in my version of the logo since I think it can be added with other information on the product packaging.

Bofferding original logo
Arrow icon
Bofferding logo concept white

Responsive logo

The following page shows all the different variations of the logo, which make it adjustable and responsive to every situation. With these variations, it’s possible to use the logo even in very small spaces like an app icon or a website’s favicon.

Bofferding responsive logo concept
Bofferding responsive logo concept 2
Bofferding beer bottle concept design


The reduced logo makes a clear and clean bottle design possible. While the layout of the original is retained, the logo and name of the product stand out much better. Secondary information such as the year of foundation and the origin do not distract and the clarity of the design is maintained.

Bofferding beer bottle concept design closeup neck
Bofferding beer bottle concept design closeup logo
Green Bofferding beer coaster with logo

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