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Twitch is the largest video live streaming service that focuses on video game live streaming. Since Twitch is connecting people and creating communities, this fictional campaign aims to bring people together and make an environmental difference.

Switch Twitch environmental campaign panda logo

Switch is a fictional online event which uses the platform’s and its streamer’s reach to target their young audience, teach them about climate and nature while keeping the link to the main topic of gaming and invest the raised donations in projects supporting the preservation of nature.

Font & colors


Glitch & Switch

Glitch is a part of Twitch’s existing brand and was used a long time beside their main logo. Based on this style and name, I created a new character as face for the environmental campaign. Calling him and the event „Switch“, which refers to the climate, as flipping a light switch to save energy, and to gaming, as switches on a keyboard or controller. „Flip the switch. Make a change“ is the slogan that captures the goal of this campaign. It invites the user to be involved, which creates interactivity that plays a big part at Twitch.

Twitch Glitch original logo
Switch environmental campaign panda logo

As organizations in the gaming industry often use wild animals as part of their logo, I picked up on that and chose to represent a panda bear, which is threatened with extinction due to climate change.

Visual elements

The visual idea of this campaign was to capture the change that everyone can have on climate. Therefor I created geometric elements that represent the normal Twitch and various plants and leaves for the campaign. Both in a pixelated look that is meant to reminiscent of old video games.

Homepage banner

An interactive and animated banner, which fits the playful and interactive platform of Twitch, draws the users attention to the event. It prompts the user to click on the banner and make a change. It is a visual representation of the concept of Switch and arouses the interest of users who want to find out what happens when they click on the banner.

Information website

People who want to know more about the event can click on the button on the banner, which leads them to the information page. Here they can read about the concept of the event, participating streamers, time schedules and much more.

Animated billboard

To reach users offline, an animated poster is used, which is designed in the same style as the other visual elements. The concept of Switch; switching to change something, is also demonstrated here.

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